Product Development Strategy

TMETEK INC. helps clients develop everything from new market coverage to adding new products to the existing range of products which solve the unmet needs in the market place and create a unique standing in the market far superior to their competitors.

TMETEK INC. helps clients who are developing green products, looking for green products or need help driving sales of their current green products. We focus on products that are energy efficient, conserve water or improve indoor air quality.

We strive to stay abreast of energy efficient products, water-conserving products and products that improve indoor air quality. However, you give us your requirements for any building product application and we will provide you will a list of building products that meet your requirements and information on the manufacturers who make them.

TMETEK INC. can help you improve sales through co-development of better product.

Let TMETEK INC help you bring it to market or expand your current market share. We are always on the look out for the next great building product. If you have it and need help developing a strategy to get it to market, call TMETEK INC. today.

How can we help?

Review to diagnose and recommend how your business can grow in regions covered by us.
Introductions to build strategic partnerships or to promote your latest product and/or service offering.
Access to highly qualified and skilled associates who can provide additional strategic assistance
Support on delivering a one off seminar or series of workshops.
Participation in trade shows in respective regions.
Looking to leverage an already successful business to derive further value you for your company in new regions.
Wondering how to write the contract in respective regions to actively help the alliance deliver value
We can enable a new relationship to get off to the best possible start by working with you to conduct a Relationship Kick-Off meeting which includes all the key stakeholders from both companies and ensures that their needs and those of the new relationship are met fully.
We can build in follow-up activities to ensure that it stays that way. Similarly, we can re-energies and re-launch a relationship which is failing to deliver your expectations by identifying the root causes of underperformance, implementing an Improvement Plan and by managing a Relationship Re-launch.

Our aim is to provide your range of products with a fresh approach and new market coverage. Your focus is our focus, and we will work and develop your products in line with your business culture.