TMETEK INC. uses proven sales techniques to help entrench your current customer base and further your new market development strategy. Our sales consultants have years of experience in the building product industries.

TMETEK INC. uses existing client data and channel partners to market your Brand and product as well as Customer relationship management to enhance sales. TME can enhance your winning team by developing a strategy that works alongside your organization and delivers your new ideas and concept and making them a reality. Referral to our associate network to ensure your product is handled by a reliable and experienced professional company.

The next time you are looking for a sales consultant, go with an experienced team who understand the building product industries.


TMETEK INC. knows that efficient growth starts with a deep understanding of your target consumer. This understanding is then transformed into innovative products that are positioned and commercialized effectively, helping to establish a superior brand. Competition is fighting for your market share. TMETEK INC. recognizes that most companies are struggling to drive growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Growth is achieved through smart marketing that is anchored in a differentiated product, a compelling brand and superior execution.

Building a sustainable competitive advantage requires superior consumer insight, powerful analytics and integrative capabilities. Companies need proven marketing techniques to generate demand for existing products and open up profitable opportunities in new markets. While many firms provide the capability to understand consumers, TMETEK INC. has a unique approach to efficiently building marketing programs.

Most importantly, we approach marketing differently. Many organizations consider marketing a cost center. We believe marketing is a very important lever that can be used to fuel growth. The ultimate question is how to ensure that every dollar spent on marketing can be accounted for and linked back to business performance. As a result, our goal is to help use marketing efforts to deliver on business objectives while driving efficiency. Efficiency is achieved in two ways: 1) increasing the return on every dollar invested, and as a result, 2) being able to reduce the amount of dollars needed to invest in marketing because the dollars being spent are working more effectively.

Our aim is to provide your range of products with a fresh approach and new market coverage. Your focus is our focus, and we will work and develop your products in line with your business culture.