To be successful, you have to be able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relationship with mutual trust.
Staffing Firm that Delivers the Right Employee

TME’s engagement process is focused on you and your business needs. This consultative approach, known as our Perfect Fit Program, details from start to finish how our staffing firm selects the perfect candidate for your organization.

Five Phases of the Perfect Fit
The Perfect Fit Program includes five phases, which are customized to most effectively service your account.

Customer Analysis - We profile your company to understand your business needs and determine the services that will make your staffing process more efficient and effective.

Sourcing - Our professional recruiters quickly identify the most qualified candidates using their industry knowledge and the extensive networks of our staffing firm
Screening - At TME, we get to know each candidate beyond just their resume. We find out the skills and qualities that will achieve the perfect fit for your position.

Selection - To complete the hiring process, we ensure all forms, screening and certifications are verified before the employee starts.

Performance Monitoring - We continually monitor our performance and the performance of our employees to make sure you are continually satisfied with our service.

What makes us one of the top staffing firms is the high level of service we provide our customers even after each employee is placed. By choosing TME as your staffing firm, we can help your organization decrease the time associated with the recruiting process by placing the right employee, the first time.
How can we work together? If you are interested in working with a staffing firm, see how TME’s extensive recruiting and staffing services can meet your needs by contacting us today.

A progressive approach
In a dynamic market where the desire to reduce cost-per-hire yet increase quality of hire is paramount,  we realise the need to offer our clients a comprehensive, innovative and bespoke toolkit of services. We offer:
Database search and job board advertising
Senior leadership team access to the HR Think Tank Series
Executive Search
Online and print campaigns
Candidate selection
Assessment and interviewing

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