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India shapes itself as an emerging hub and business destination for Global Firms, the flow of Niche and focussed Multi National SME's has also multiplied significantly. However, there are challenges which these SME's have to consider before operating from India. These are:

The size and vastness of the Indian landmass, comparable to European Continent.
The cultural, lingual, mental, and social diversity of the Indian Customer.
Changing mindset of Indian customer in bargaining behavior, price sensitiveness and quality consciousness.
Individuality of taxes, duties and freight which varies in different states.
Poor transport, power and amenities infrastructure, which may alter costing and pricing effectively.
Warehousing, logistics and storage necessities at various locations.
Changing costs of operations, effects of inflation and currency fluctuations.
Lethargic and significant bureaucracy, regulations and compliance requirements, with an overburdened and slow legal system.

For this purpose, the following studies are sought by international clients before investing:

Market Study for Product, Technology and Market opportunity assessment.
Business Environment & Climate Evaluation.
Local Socio-Political Environment Evaluation and Location suitability study.
Government Schemes and Incentives available for trade promotion and advantage areas.
Legal, Taxation, Logistics and HR planning
Information for Business Planning.
Potential for Business Alliance– Identification of suitable business partner/s, distributors, and suppliers for JV, Merger or Acquisition.
Entry Strategy Report Preparation.

This is in order to understand how effectively they can derive the maximum benefit from their limited sales force and setup in India.

As skilled and experienced professionals in the relevant domain, we guide trans-national organizations in formulating their foray into India by offering complete support for the effective implementation and successful execution of their strategies, from very beginning of Idea generation to successful running of their business operations in India. Suggestions, facts, and information, filtered for ready utilization by the client, is what we provide as our consultation.

Focus Industries:
Plastics and Packaging Industry.
Building Material Industry


Our team is working on a deep understanding of customer's needs, information requests, and intent classification in order to provide relevant culled information.

We believe in taking accountability for our work by sharing our clients' risks through a variety of methods, including consulting for equity and success fees

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