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With the changing power scenario post the financial and economic crisis, the world focus is now on the emerging BRIC nations. The Indian Economy in the past decade has shown outstanding growth in comparison to other nations and also has shown resilience in times of global financial crisis. Today, the Indian market with its 1.2 billion population and the ever increasing domestic demand and consumer spending has become a hub for the foreign investors, who can clearly see the chances of massive growth and expansion in the Indian sub-continent.

For a company planning to enter into the Indian market, it needs a sound Market Entry Strategy to enter Indian market. The steps to take into consideration are:

Identifying potential of the particular market in India
Developing a fair market knowledge
Creating strategies for market entry

At TMETEK, we analyze and recommend a planned method for delivering goods or services to the target market through our customized Market Entry Strategy. Our team of data analysts and market research analysts implemented a successful Market Entry Strategy in India. TMETEK, is a trustworthy expert in configuring realistic, successful market entry plans for investors with serious plans for India.

For a successful venture into Indian market, it is important for an investor not just to have a sound market entry strategy, but also a proper implementation process. We at TMETEK are committed to be your partner for the implementation process also.

TMETEK assists with recommending the best possible Market Entry Strategy viz. Whlly owned Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer, Franchising, Licensing, Representation and Mergers & Acquisition. We also assist with company formation, including Government approvals, registrations and other statutory requirements.


Are you sure you packed the right gear? You'll need the right kind of protection. Whom can you trust to play besides you?
We at TMETEK help you to find the right business partners for you!
We can help you with a comprehensive Business Partner Search, which includes gathering information and background check. This includes suppliers who can provide you with raw materials for your products, distributors who can be beneficial in promoting and reselling your products in India, or businesses of similar nature who need alliance for their various ongoing products, projects and strategic alliance.
India business partner search is a unique service provided by TMETEK to foreign clients. TMETEK has a team of specialists that are capable of finding a new India-based supplier of goods and services to suit your needs. TMETEK's specialized team will help you seek a partner for production cooperation. TMETEK will find a suitable Indian partner for long-term collaboration (new product development, production and other industrial cooperation in Indian sub-continent) Partner Search

Key reasons for finding a partner for industrial co-operation
Access to specially selected Indian companies though our extensive networking
Match-making based on experience and local expertise in the domestic market
Detailed information about potential partners : Business, Financial and Comparative growth
Confidentiality and Security of intellectual property guaranteed.

Business Visits:

TMETEK will assist you with organization of negotiations with selected Indian companies as a follow up of TMETEK Business Partner Search service. This will include arranging your travel, stay, and meeting with the partner delegates. We will also assist you in procuring the Visa matters. Once the prospective partners are shortlisted, we will then coordinate with both the parties to have a mutually successful business alliance.


Our team is working on a deep understanding of customer's needs, information requests, and intent classification in order to provide relevant culled information.

We believe in taking accountability for our work by sharing our clients' risks through a variety of methods, including consulting for equity and success fees

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