Telco ME has a strong distribution network of building materials. It supplies the new-building, renovation and home improvement markets.

The Telco Building Distribution networks provide its customers with a professional response, cutting-edge expertise and increased added value.
Rooted in its local market, each brand is able to meet the specific requirements of each type of customer thanks to its unique position and team expertise. Together, they contribute to the strength of the entire business. By sharing experiences and creating synergies between teams and brands, while putting the customer at the heart of its strategy, the Sector intends to get the most from its size, its diversity, its teams' know-how and their ability to respond on a local level.
Listed below are the products that we expertise in
Soil & Waste system   PVC conduits and accessories   Fibre cables   PVC profiles
PVC system   GI boxe   Cat 6   Skirting
PE/ PP system   Cables& wires   Cabinets & Enclosures   Oil Field buckets
Low noise system   Wiring devices   Fibre inter connect    
Hot & Cold water system   Cable tray   Optical Passive devices    
PPR system   GI trunking   Fibre management systems    
Pex system   Industrial plug & socket   Cable management solutions    
Air vent system       Structured cabling    
With over a decade of experience in Middle East we can assure you that we can also cater other products beyond our area of expertise to take your business forward to the next level.